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"Akhali Kselebi" innovative service - Web Portal

Akhali Kselebi offers innovative service – Web Portal. Main condition for getting this service is to have Internet access. To use this service you will be provided with a user name and password.

Web application enables you to:

  • Manage your calls (incoming as well as outgoing).
    For example: You’re at work or abroad and are interested to know who called you on your home phone during a specific period of time or whether anyone made a call from your own phone. Web portal enables you to control your incoming and outgoing calls at a distance.
  • Forward calls any time of the day to different directions i.e. to use "follow me" service
    For example: You can forward a call to your office number once you leave home. You have to go for a break? Forward a call to your mobile. Have a meeting? Your call is still forwarded to your mobile number. You’re back home? You can forward a call back to your home number and this call forwarding can be repeated endlessly without any restrictions.
  • Listen to your voice mail messages, record calls in file, save or delete them.
    P.S. A subscriber can show the e-mail address on the Web Portal and receive messages recorded to the voice mail through e-mail.
  • To give a function of virtual secretary to the Web Portal:
    Let’s say, you have to make an important call at 12:00 a.m. You need to activate the relevant application on the Web Portal and the call will be made at the desired time first to you and upon taking off the receiver - to the desired addressee.
  • Arrange a virtual meeting. Invite your friends or business partners for discussing the desired issues/topics.
    The main condition for activation of this service is that the organizer of this meeting or forum must be the Web Portal user. There is no need that the rest of the participants be the Web Portal users. For example: You want to have consulting meeting with your partners at 15:00. You activate the relevant application on the Web Portal, get provided with the unique telephone code and you inform it to the participants of the virtual meeting. All participants dial preliminarily determined telephone number + the given unique telephone code and they get connected the virtual meeting room. You can record the conversation, leave the meeting temporarily, be reconnected and so on. The mentioned service may be activated from any point to any point worldwide.
  • Arrange call center.
    Service is attractive to organizations/companies.
    You can save considerable amounts and forward calls received to one telephone number to various departments or affiliates, as desired.
    For example: Sales department, marketing department.

To manage the Web Portal a subscriber must have:

  • Operation systems:
    Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Apple Mac OS X.
  • Web applications:
    Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2, Apple Safari, Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.

- Service activation (for all type of subscribers) – 10 GEL;
- Monthly Service fees:

  • For residential – 5 GEL;
  • For business subscribers – 10 GEL;
All rates include V.A.T.